Thursday, August 5, 2010

Woman walking in underwear in Dubai Mall after a fight with another lady

What a $l*&^t, hope some one show her her place.

A British holidaymaker has been charged with indecency in Dubai after walking through the world's largest shopping centre in a bikini.

The woman was buying clothes and gifts in the Dubai Mall, fully dressed but in a low-cut top, when she was accosted by an Arabic woman and criticised for wearing 'revealing clothing'.

The pair then became embroiled in a heated row in front of hundreds of bemused shoppers.

Incensed by the Arabic woman's comments, the British woman told her to 'mind her own business' before stripping out of her clothes and 'taunting' the locals by walking around in only her bikini, it is alleged.


The Sun and 7days said that she was released. Grrr, #@$@# 325 12!$4 5#^$6$6 346 #4^


  1. Those words 'revealing clothing' have been blown out of proportion especially in the Middle East.

    Let's take a shot at this:

    1) Was she deliberately revealing her genitals?

    2) Was she wearing transparent clothing with the intention to reveal her genitals?

    If you answer no to both questions, then she was well within her rights to wear clothing that she found appropriate but was judged indecent by someone wrapped from head to toe.

    Now, if this country & its citizens are truly serious in enforcing a dress code, then I suggest you appoint a bunch of male & female mutawas similar to Saudi Arabia. If not, live & let live.

    1. anyone going to another country should know the law of the country and respect the law. I am from Amsterdam and I am sure if I am smoking marjuana in another country then Netherlands in public I would be prosecuted (not that i do any kind of drugs). These silly stubborn people make other westerners look bad. We want all immigrants in the west to integrate while we think westerners can go anywhere and behave as they like and it is within their Rihgts.

  2. There is no such thing called live and let live. Your freedom stops when breach others freedom.

    I don't think that we want to go to a level where only revealing "genitals" is what we would consider revealing. I think everyone would agree here that the minimum acceptable dress code would be covering shoulders, knees and upper chest.

    Having a religious police is not a bad idea actually as long as the application is civilized.

  3. I think doug is under the assumption that this was an argument between two citizens of this country with different backgrounds.

    It wasnt, It was between a citizen and a foreigner who was BREAKING THE LAW. And she was charged as such.

    I'm sure many would have liked to have seen her "accidentally" hit by a huge GMC... Would have made for good TV.

    I think everyone would agree here that the minimum acceptable dress code would be covering shoulders, knees and upper chest.

    That is actually what is stated in most malls, cover shoulders and skirts till knees.

    HOWEVER, who actually enforces this? My buddies and I routinely point out what we call prostitutes to mall security and they go up to them and ask them to leave, but there is no actual enforcement, only if someone complains.

    So start complaining, alot, and maybe some people will even get physically violent. Maybe that is the only way that actual laws and enforcement will prevail.

    I can see the headline now:

    "Prostitute beaten by 3 Mataw3a for... being a prostitute."

  4. Grrr, #@$@# 325 12!$4 5#^$6$6 346 #4^

    Mashallah! You learned some new code language! lol. I feel your pain.

  5. ultra crazy... i thought you have been sentenced to imprisonment.. after messing with indians?

  6. be thankful dubai police was not too serious about what you did with this country's reputations. i'm sure you got the lesson eventhough you are such an ass.

  7. PE, can we also have morality police at home to watch how much porn in your device?


  8. At least the ones watching porn in their home respect themselves and don't show/share their crap with everyone else ......

  9. Who watch porn= respect themselves, wow, what an imbicilic paradoxical ansewer
    When you watch filth in your locked room you don't have the right to protest agaist a woman walkin in bikini. That's make you a hypocrite which you and your likes are.
    PS:i'm a local in case u wonder but not a {hypocrite} one

  10. Nope, there is no comparison. A woman walking in bikini is showering her filth in front everyone to see. Can't say the same thing about watching porn, alone in ur room. Doesn't make it right though, however; there is still no comparison.

    You might not be a hypocrite one but u obviously naive and lack of knowledge one. And since u are a so called local how about reading this Hadith

    كل أمتي معافى إلا المجاهرين . وإن من المجانة أن يعمل الرجل بالليل عملاً ، ثم يصبح وقد ستره الله فيقول: يا فلان عملت البارحة كذا وكذا ، وقد بات يستر ربه ويصبح يكشف ستر الله عنه

    1. Both are wrong who do sin alone or in public.

  11. Anonymous said...
    ultra crazy... i thought you have been sentenced to imprisonment.. after messing with indians?

    Haha! more like it will follow. This country has a grave population imbalance and it's about time someone talked about it.

  12. PE, you are just a typical of most people here especially men. If you are honest and you talk logic, you're gonna be called decieved or a bad muslim. Please don't be irrelevant. When you've got nothing to convince others with, don't turn to an imam and start throwing verses, start with your self, stop being a hypocrite then come and play an imam at others.
    Then you must know there is a special place for hypocrites in Hell since you are an imam?
    Enough of hypocrisy, enough of the double standard

  13. Ultra contradicting freak, this country's population has been always fucked up, and you are a great contributer.

    Don't bitch about how many indians are living here when you cannot get up your ass and do what indians in our country do. What is this country without their assistance?

  14. Well, how about replying to the argument itself and explaining how what I said is irrelevant instead of pointing fingers and questioning my religiousness?

  15. PE, No, I, unlike you, and the likes of you, and many of people here, don't assume nor stereotype people. Nor I point my finegrs @ anyone.

    You chose to turn the argument to a talk of religion (instsead of LAWS, in this case) by throwing verses and perviously showing a desire or rather wishes to turn this country to another backward saudi by assigning a bunch of arrogant mofos to teach people how to handle themselves in puplic.

    {Having a religious police is not a bad idea}

    wasnt that what you've said up there?

    whats 'religious police' for heavens sake? another Saudi? if you feel the need to watch little gurls being beaten on streets for not covering their pupils by the so called mutawas or you want to enjoy the scene of single men being arrested just for being single and might fornicate any where on their way, then you can move to saudi, become a citizen, grow your beard till it hits your belly button then join them in action, and share them their crimes under the name of God and Islam... but never suggest to turn my country to a backward place by applying what you call a religious police.

  16. you have nothing to say.

  17. Ok, its law then, so don't talk about hypocrisy and double standards. Wearing bikini is considered indecent, hence against the law.

    So stuff that up ur mouth and don't waste my time !

  18. why did u delete your reply?

    I think the country has wasted its time enough for trying to educate you when you are such hopeless

    calm down

  19. I deleted it before reading ur next post because I changed my mind and had something to say, u mind?

  20. of course I don't. It's your page.

    one more thing brother, do a favor to your country, and work more on your mentality. please.

  21. {Wearing bikini is considered indecent, hence against the law. }

    l hope that's also applied to your computer screen.

    I'm done ;)


  22. l hope that's also applied to your computer screen.

    Well TECHNICALLY if PF is watching port the porn is held on a server OUTSIDE of the UAE! Muahahahaha! Loopholes! I saved your ass PE!

    Why is it people understand 0 or 10? Black or white? What Im saying is that instead of having 3 million indians we can have just 1 million!

    And as a consequence instead of a BMW I'd have to drive a Caddy.

    No problem, if that means a correction in the imbalance.

    BTW, yes, this country has always had an imbalance, but the oldest recorded imbalance was a ratio of roughly 50/50. not 15/85.

    Its gotten worse, the main reason is greed, and in about 2025 the UAE will feel it like never before. By then it might be too late.

  23. So it seems that Dubai Mall has released the CCTV footage and the tourist was actually not indecently dressed by any "normal" standards (ie the standards advertised in some malls here) before the woman accosted her. And it appears the woman who accosted her had been pestering people in the mall all day with her leafleting campaign.

    So typical that the so called PROUD Emirati immediately jumped to the conclusion that the tourist was in the wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging people to leave this country with such a bad impression of Dubai and its people.

  24. Well, it doesn't really matter because still, many shoppers don't abide with the minimum acceptable standard.

  25. abide with the minimum acceptable standard.

    Abide by**

    you'd better write in Arabic for the love of God

  26. Oh right, it doesn't matter if this woman was in the right because some others, in your opinion, are not.

    It doesn't matter to you if this woman goes home and tells everyone she knows that Emiratis are rude, inhospitable, aggressive and arrogant.
    Most of us who live here know that for the most part Emiratis are wonderful human beings but you and your so called "proud" rabble are single-handedly ruining your beautiful country's reputation. Do you have any earthly idea how hard your forefathers wirked to make this country the place it is. And yet in one generation with your arrogance, your ignorance, your entitlement attitude, and your complete failure to understand how the world actually works you are in the process of ruining everything.
    Congraulations PE, you are a fantastic icon for your country.

  27. he's not, when he finishes the porn clip he's watching now he will relpy you, wait. he's tied up now

  28. oh my.. a fight?

    what is this fixation that some people here have with who watches porn? That's not an appropriate comparison when trying to prove someone as being a hypocrite. If it was about watching porn in public, then that would be a different story.

    Either way, i sure as hell don't want to see anyone walk around a mall in his/her under underwear. Im sure many people share that sentiment regardless of religion.

    Also, people do get charged with "public indecency" and go to jail for that kind of thing in the "western world". I hate how some people try so hard to appear open minded by acting so surprised and offended by an islamic government/ culture's reaction to such a thing, as if it's normal in the first place; then, proceed to use invalid comparisons and name-calling to back up their arguments.

    Simply put:

    Unintentionally disregarding a culture's norms is expected and is acceptable to an extent. Doing it just to spite someone, while completely disregarding everyone around you is not.

    And for those who cant stop using porn to illustrate how people are hypocrites about everything:

    porn at home = nobody's business
    Bikini/naked at home= nobody's business

    Porn in public = Fucking rude and indecent
    Bikini in a public space that's not a beach = Fucking rude and indecent

    now excuse me while i go back to watching the inevitably epic climax.

  29. what a fucking country!

  30. You must respect a country's law and it's religious values, and if you can't? Get the hell out of it. Besides, wearing a bikini in a mall ANYWHERE in the world is either fucking retarded or an attention whore. :)

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