Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fast News: Dubai freeze for Ramadan, Emiratis arrested in London

Dubai 'hot spots' freeze over as Ramadan nears
By Lynne Nahhas (AFP)

DUBAI - The music has been cut and the dancing has stopped -- Dubai is usually blusterous nightclubs are falling silent as the Muslim holy month of Ramadan approaches.

Many of the city's night spots were subdued Monday night while others had shut their doors altogether even though the fasting month has yet to begin.
"You usually find dozens of taxis picking up people to and from clubs in the late night hours, but tonight no one's going because of Ramadan," a taxi driver told AFP.

Two Arabs arrested after crashing Lamborghini in London square


Complaints: two supercars, not involved in the accident, in Knightsbridge. Residents are angered at the revving engines


  1. So?
    people who's "mob shaifeen khair" and love to flaunt their wealth in London must be arrested. They can do it here without being arrested considering maybe their power, or positions, but there in the country of laws and rules where people are all equal, idiots cannot get away with their idiocity. Like it's here.

  2. if they don't like it they can always leave :-)

  3. I certainly don't like to mingle with such shallow guys. The Dubai mall fashion avenue like guys. Those are the same but richer.

  4. I bet the "blaring music" was actually that of the nasal voice of mehad hamad.