Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bye Bye BB

According to Elaph, the reason for this ban is because the UAE wanted to have an access (spy) on all the blackberry phones that are located in the UAE, which RIM refused and offered an access of several thousands of phones instead, which the UAE rejected.

What is even funnier is that the so called survey where 75% showed their discomfort of a foreign company (RIM) being able to have an access of their data and stated 58% their concern that the applications of their phones might be out the jurisdiction of the country.

Etisalat and du said on their official statement that they will offer alternatives? Wonder what would they be? What about the compensations? Can we refund our blackberry phones? How would TRA deal with this? BB owners already invested couple of thousands on those devices so shouldn't they be treated fairly?

Some related this to an attempt of young Emiratis, who were arrested after the indecent, to protest against the raise of fuel few weeks back ...


  1. I kind of sensed this was coming.

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  3. I read the comments at Elaph. It's a mixed bag, with the many who buy / believe the reasons given. This ban is probably going to do more bad than (any) good on so many levels.

  4. it is definitely the first reason you mentioned, but then again they SHOULD compensate for the lost of all BB users.

    Another thing is that they probably delayed acting upon this matter until October as sort of a time limitation for RIM to rethink their decisions, if the UAE stopped this service many countries will follow, including India and the U.S. as they already attempted banding the use of BB devices in the white house for these security matters.
    When RIM will loose am sure they would have second just in case & if ur a BB users; keep it with u for possible future use ;p

  5. I personally don't have a blackberry, didn't want to follow the crowd. But then, it felt like I was left behind.