Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Development of Hypocrisy: Episode 1

They cannot expand the Neonatal ICU in the only women and pregnancy government hospital in Dubai?


  1. That would involve caring. Adding a wing to an old hospital doesnt receive the same kind of "oooh! Ahhhh!" that unveiling a tall building does.

  2. Ultra Blue: You nailed it

    PE: People can always go to private hospitals. They're always superior and more hygienic.

  3. I am anti private hospitals, they don't know jack ...

  4. and beside, private hospitals are not free.

  5. Oh please lets not start the public vs private hospital debate.

    Truth is our healthcare system as a whole, (public and private,) is so beyond bad it isnt even funny.

    Truth be told though, there isnt a "rule" as to which is better. It depends on which 2 hospitals or clinics you are comparing. so the comment "they're always superior..." is false.

    Proof, NMC Vs. Khalifa. Khalifa is a very GOOD hospital, with surprisingly decent staff... their processes make you want to never go back.

    NMC is a profit driven institution where ill trained doctors "diagnose' you without actually touching you in some instances and in 4 days you'll end up going to the GDC for a 2nd opinion. It's a "Have money will write sick leave ad pills" place.

    If you want real results in a world class way but dont want to travel to and pay a USA sized bill... Thailand.

  6. why are you so concerned? are you pregnant?

  7. So let me get this right..even if you're booked at al wasl hospital but happened to have premature labour you still need to consent on being transferred to a private hospital? and who will be paying for that? not DOHMS for sure!