Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ahmad Al Sheikh to turn Islamic Noor Dubai to a heritage channel

A source said that the general manager of Dubai Media Incorporation wants to to turn Noor Dubai to a heritage channel. Noor Dubai was once owned by the Dubai Media group, the same group that owns most Dubai radio channels as well as Nickelodeon and MTV Arabia and used to own Al Emarat Alyoum and Business 24/7 newspapers. Noor Dubai which calls itself a Social with an Islam vision channel won peoples heart with its creative yet traditional Islamic flavored was among the most popular channels in the UAE and the region.

Wonder why is it that when there is a brilliant idea someone comes from no where to ruin it. What's wrong with Noor Dubai the way it is? I don't think they had problems with advertisement revenues. If they do, why not turn the brilliant [not] Racing channel into a heritage channel since they are so into that. Don't think anyone will miss this channel. Not sure about the point of such awkward decision but am not surprised knowing how Al Shiekh think. All I know that it doesn't sound right and the channel will lose its main novelty factor. Lets hope they don't ruin it with too much falcon hunting, camel racing and Yolah. We already moved on from such ideas and if he wants a heritage channel why not make a new one? :D

Lets hope he comes back to reality and scrap the thought all together.


  1. I'm not familiar with the Noor Dubai, but i think it's a good idea to have more heritage channels. God knows this place is being taken over by indians, so you- being a "Proud Emirati"- should see the benefit of that. It Seems like there's more to your culture than dancing with guns and buying asian boys to use as camel jockeys after all. Im sure the execs behind this move would agree.

    Perhaps they should turn it into a heritage channel to educate the morally questionable and the culturally ignorant about the rights and wrongs of the country, lest another unsuspecting tourists gets thrown in jail for not wearing a bra.

  2. I'm with PE, Sama Dubai was "supposed" to be a neo cultural channel and that idea went to hell.

    Noor dubai does, I have to admit, do the job of channels like Sharjah, KSA1, and those lesser channels on the air but with a decently modern approach.

    Unlike most Islamic channels, Noor Dubai doesnt come off as out of date or preachy.

    The racing channel should be re badged as Dubai Al Turathiya. No one watches the racing channel, and for big/important races you have all those Dubai sport channels.

    It's over kill.

  3. Noor Dubai was meant to be a channel that purely discusses Islamic topics, it was a radio channel. As you said, Sama is still there, no need for an extra heritage channel, it's not like they promote for our true heritage and background. Am sure expatriates can see for themselves what should and should not be worn when they go out in streets no need for a TV channel to teach them that. Other than the fact that it is a religious channel.. how is it that any religious approaches must be turned down whithin a short while?

    Although Dubai is known as the most "open" city in the UAE it is still the most accurate when it comes to showing Islamic programs and all..
    All dubai channels display broadcast programs that discuss Islamic-religion issues by well educated men of religion like Dr. Al Olama and Ibrahim Al Haddad. We should stand proud and continue that.

  4. The racing channel should be re badged TV channel to teach them.All Dubai channels display many news and entertainment shows ,sports much more political news broad casting programs.That discuss Islamic religion issues by well educated men of then.