Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restaurant Review 1: Al Damyati

This is just another Karama resutarant. If you are looking for a fancy restaurant where you want to show off and use a fork and a knife then this one is not for you. It is tasty yet cheap.
  • Value: 5
  • Ambiance: 1
  • Service: 2
  • Decor: 1
  • Food: 4

Location map

The food

The bill and the Menu

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ahmad Al Sheikh to turn Islamic Noor Dubai to a heritage channel

A source said that the general manager of Dubai Media Incorporation wants to to turn Noor Dubai to a heritage channel. Noor Dubai was once owned by the Dubai Media group, the same group that owns most Dubai radio channels as well as Nickelodeon and MTV Arabia and used to own Al Emarat Alyoum and Business 24/7 newspapers. Noor Dubai which calls itself a Social with an Islam vision channel won peoples heart with its creative yet traditional Islamic flavored was among the most popular channels in the UAE and the region.

Wonder why is it that when there is a brilliant idea someone comes from no where to ruin it. What's wrong with Noor Dubai the way it is? I don't think they had problems with advertisement revenues. If they do, why not turn the brilliant [not] Racing channel into a heritage channel since they are so into that. Don't think anyone will miss this channel. Not sure about the point of such awkward decision but am not surprised knowing how Al Shiekh think. All I know that it doesn't sound right and the channel will lose its main novelty factor. Lets hope they don't ruin it with too much falcon hunting, camel racing and Yolah. We already moved on from such ideas and if he wants a heritage channel why not make a new one? :D

Lets hope he comes back to reality and scrap the thought all together.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Development of Hypocrisy: Episode 1

They cannot expand the Neonatal ICU in the only women and pregnancy government hospital in Dubai?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fast News: Dubai freeze for Ramadan, Emiratis arrested in London

Dubai 'hot spots' freeze over as Ramadan nears
By Lynne Nahhas (AFP)

DUBAI - The music has been cut and the dancing has stopped -- Dubai is usually blusterous nightclubs are falling silent as the Muslim holy month of Ramadan approaches.

Many of the city's night spots were subdued Monday night while others had shut their doors altogether even though the fasting month has yet to begin.
"You usually find dozens of taxis picking up people to and from clubs in the late night hours, but tonight no one's going because of Ramadan," a taxi driver told AFP.

Two Arabs arrested after crashing Lamborghini in London square


Complaints: two supercars, not involved in the accident, in Knightsbridge. Residents are angered at the revving engines

Friday, August 13, 2010

Security Researcher Warns on UAE BlackBerry Replacement

As much as am anti-Etisalat, this article does seem far-fetched. They have many other alternatives to spy but this is not one of them ...

An offer of free smartphones may be a ruse for users in the United Arab Emirates to receive a handset loaded with spyware, a security researcher has warned, saying people who trade in their BlackBerry for a new smartphone should do a spyware check. [PCWorld]

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan Kareem

Why I won't be surprised if some idiot start arguing about why eating in the public of Ramadan is punishable by law and that we should be tolerant, after all that happens ever year. Ok, no bad mouthing ...

Ramadan Kareem to all :P

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Woman walking in underwear in Dubai Mall after a fight with another lady

What a $l*&^t, hope some one show her her place.

A British holidaymaker has been charged with indecency in Dubai after walking through the world's largest shopping centre in a bikini.

The woman was buying clothes and gifts in the Dubai Mall, fully dressed but in a low-cut top, when she was accosted by an Arabic woman and criticised for wearing 'revealing clothing'.

The pair then became embroiled in a heated row in front of hundreds of bemused shoppers.

Incensed by the Arabic woman's comments, the British woman told her to 'mind her own business' before stripping out of her clothes and 'taunting' the locals by walking around in only her bikini, it is alleged.


The Sun and 7days said that she was released. Grrr, #@$@# 325 12!$4 5#^$6$6 346 #4^

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bye Bye BB

According to Elaph, the reason for this ban is because the UAE wanted to have an access (spy) on all the blackberry phones that are located in the UAE, which RIM refused and offered an access of several thousands of phones instead, which the UAE rejected.

What is even funnier is that the so called survey where 75% showed their discomfort of a foreign company (RIM) being able to have an access of their data and stated 58% their concern that the applications of their phones might be out the jurisdiction of the country.

Etisalat and du said on their official statement that they will offer alternatives? Wonder what would they be? What about the compensations? Can we refund our blackberry phones? How would TRA deal with this? BB owners already invested couple of thousands on those devices so shouldn't they be treated fairly?

Some related this to an attempt of young Emiratis, who were arrested after the indecent, to protest against the raise of fuel few weeks back ...