Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Dubai's Islamic austerity is a sham – sex is for sale in every bar

Couples who publicly kiss are jailed, yet the state turns a blind eye to 30,000 imported prostitutes, says William Butler.

Won't bore you with posting the rest of the article here. You can view check it in the link posted above.

Just trying to pick on the stuff the author wrote ..

- Why does he believe the word of the lady about "kissing on the cheek" against the word of the court which believed that it was more like a french kiss? Sodom-sur-Me? like lol. Then he goes to mentioning that Dubai has 30,000 prostitutes, who did the estimation?

- He goes into categorizing Dubai into groups. Emiratis sell sex visas to feed all the groups. Its like every other day for Europeans and Americans with prostitution. Male Expatriates are faithful 10 months a year but cheat their wives in the summer, why summer? He basically say that all males are unfaithful when they get the chance to. I think he was speaking of himself.

- Dubai is full of contradictions and has its share of hypocrisy but this article is ......


  1. I didn't know that prostitution is a 'national pastime', as this jerk claims, and I am an Emarati!

  2. FYI:

  3. The article makes some good points, but it's written as a sensationalist piece, hence all the garbage you mentioned above.

    I do want to comment about your first point above, concerning the french kiss/kiss on cheek couple.

    How do we know what to believe in that situation? The court (according to all the reporting both here and abroad) had no evidence either way, aside from the statement the Emirati lady (who was basing her statement on what her 2 year old child saw, if the earlier reports are to believed) said happened. The lady never even appeared in court.

    A similar analogy would be if I accused a random person for swearing at me, and then based solely on my statement to the policeman, that person was deported. Would there really be any reason to believe (i.e. proof) that he did in fact swear?

  4. Rami, legally if this person denied it and there was no proof proving otherwise then he will set free regardless ur accusation.

  5. But again, according to all reporting both in the local press and abroad (as well as interviews with the couple), the only evidence against the couple was the Emirati lady's statement. This was just the statement she made to the police mind you, not a sworn statement in court, because she was never even in the courtroom.

    I think that's the major issue with this case, not the fact that the couple was jailed/deported for lewd behavior. It set the precedent that someone's accusation may be all that's required to ruin a person's life.

  6. I think that's the major issue with this case

    False. The major issue with that case was you, me, and everyone else did NOT know what happened, nor was the trial open to the public, and thus we will never know what exactly happened.

    ... not a sworn statement in court

    This proves that you dont understand the justice system here. You have watched too much Law and Order. You need not be in the court room here as your lawyer (or if you are the plaintiff the PP is there on your behalf. He/she can do anything in your name, and your statements are given in WRITING from your lawyer to the judge. You never need be there. Infact, the 1st thing your lawyer will ask you to do is sign Powers of Attorney related to the legal case.

    I have been a plaintiff in many legal proceedings. Your statements are in written form and exchanged between lawyers and judge, your presence need not ever be as the plaintiff. The accused must show up though and you are told what you are being charged with, but again, usually by your own lawyer, as that is communicated to him'her by the court, in writing.

    These differences between our system (Which is based on the Egyptian system) and the dramatized western systems is what causes alot of confusion especially by westerners. They thing oh! Only he said she said! When in fact everything is between your lawyers.

    Also, please note that this also is the reason why cases take longer here. Every response has to be drafted in written form in the law offices of your lawyer and given to the court, so your lawyer cant just say, today, this is what happened, he has to go back to his office and write a long ass response and that gets lodged into the court and...

    I know, if you want a basis for a law system why choose the Egyptian right? I'm trying to understand that one myself.

  7. Proud Emirati said...
    Rami, legally if this person denied it and there was no proof proving otherwise then he will set free regardless ur accusation.

    True, BUT you could always pay an Indian bystander a thousand dirhams and ask him to corroborate your story.

    Basically if it becomes a he said vs. he said case, the side with most "witnesses" will win.

    Best example ever is when my brother almost ran over the neighbors kid and then told him to basically fuck off.

    1/2 an hour later the cops were at our door, and he told the cops what had happened. They asked for my brothers side of the story, and he simply said "I have been home all evening."

    When he was asked if he had any witnesses who could prove he was home all this time he said yes, in the majlis.

    The cops came in and there were NINE of us there. and we all lied and said my brother had never left the house.

    Our neighbor was pissed, and told the cops we were lying. The cop looked at him plainly and said "I know they are lying. They are ALL lying, but he has NINE willing witnesses, do you have any witnesses or proof?"

    he didnt. and that was that. In the UAE, and anywhere else, it isnt what you KNOW is TRUE, its what you can PROVE. And nine "witnesses" out do none.

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