Monday, May 17, 2010

State Security Clearance Over Promotions and Appointments in the Federal Government

Emirates draws the most negative policing experiences from its neighbors A decree necessitating a police approval before appointing any clerk

Okay, I disagree with this decision but don't see the need for such a drama title.

Ironically I first read about it in writer column in a government owned newspaper. Fadila Al Muaini was basically saying that while she agrees that we need security protection this decision is beyond all the norms and directly affect Emiratis national employment right in the government [Albayan]

A literal translation of the letter by Google
"Kindly note that based on the directives of His Highness the Minister of Presidential Affairs, the need to obtain clearance before the termination of personnel actions related to public office in all grades and on the basis of circulars issued in this regard.

Please instruct it to those who need the need to obtain clearance from the competent authority before the end-measures (recruitment - promotion - loan - Mandate - Transport - study leave - regularization - Reset - Recruitment higher degree).

Therefore, the authority request everyone to abide by the circular for the public interest

The UAE constituation in Article 35:

"Public office shall be open to all citizens on a basis of equality of opportunity in accordance with the provisions of law.
Public office shall be a national service entrusted to those who hold it. The public servant shall aim, in the execution of his duties, at the public interest only.

Oh well, look at the bright side. They are still using Arabic in their circulation :P

P.S: Wonder why a professional website like ANHRI would upload a photo with the name karar.

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  1. "Public interest?"


    I'm surprised you haven't also blogged about the hundreds of cameras that just went live in Abu Dhabi that are now used by the police to watch and fine people without ever leaving their command center.

    You add all these things together and we have a frightening issue happening.

    BTW, bringing up the constitution is pointless, in many of our posts we have done that proving that policies contradict the articles of our constitution. No one cares. No one at all.