Friday, May 7, 2010

The UAE: Fifth in the world's worst immigration laws

At least we didn't come first :P

"living conditions are often harsh, including 80-hour work weeks, back-breaking manual labor, and below-minimum-wage pay. It's not atypical for immigrants to live in "tiny pre-fabricated huts, 12 men to a room, forced to wash themselves in filthy brown water and cook in kitchens next to overflowing toilets."

The World's Worst Immigration Laws [foreignpolicy]

Photo [oxfamblogs]


  1. Did you notice that numbers one thru 4 are countries like Italy and Japan?

    We must be doing something right!

    Plus, they state that the UAE has so and so many immigrants, We dont, we have MIGRANTS. HUGE difference. The whole report actually doesnt even use the term correctly.

  2. Yeah that's Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and then the UAE. In good company I'd say. The Japanese immigration policy is so harsh! The terrible thing it does is award $5000 to each unwanted immigrant and their family to leave Japan. That's so awful!!

    I think this article is flipped on its head. It is probably supposed to be the best 5 countries to be an immigrant in.