Wednesday, May 5, 2010

500 Dirhams pocket money for Emirati teens a week

So according to the article, Emirati teenagers get 11 times more than Britain teenagers. I remember that we used to get 3 Dirhams daily 5 days a week as a pocket money for school so 3 times 5 = 15. Lets say things got expensive now so maybe 5 by 5 = 25 or to exaggerate 5 by 10 = 50. How did they calculate it? A DS game every week?

£85 a week for the UAE's pampered teens [Telegraph]

Photo by JakeBrewer [Flickr]

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  1. We got 2 dirhams a day then an extra 5 n Thursday for the "dikkan."

    So thats 10 + 5.

    Later on we got 200 a month. Then in highschool I got 500 a month. My brother, a teen, gets 500 a month now, directly deposited from my dad's account to his.

    Sign of the times.

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