Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sultan Bin Sulayem Finally Appear In Public

After all the rumors about him being replaced as a chairman of Dubai World and after a long time of the Dubai Government Media office confirming that he is still at office, Bin Sulayem was finally seen in the regular executive council meeting yesterday.


  1. So who is the chocolate frog in the hat sitting next to him ?


  2. Is that his Police escort ? Would not want him to "skip" !

  3. Running commentary ...

    (Miserable dude on the left) Ok habibi - you logon as Muldarka, that's it. The object of this game is to kill the Onyxia. You are a healer so you have to run around healing the mages...

    (Choc Frog) Ah this is so coooool ....

    (Miserable Dude) No no no - you don't shoot - ah crap ... bu Ahmed you tell him ....

    (bin Sulayem) What ? No I'm too busy mining for Gold ... you know how much I need ??????

    copyright Warcraft

  4. so they're chinese gold farmers in disguise? interesting.