Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Naser Nabulsi: Before and After

For those who keep whining since ever about granting the citizenship to expatriates. This is a prime example where I don't mind but actually encourage such procedure. The first picture is him in 2003 when he was appointed as the CEO of DIFC.

Naser, age 42, worked from 1989 until 2000 with Merrill Lynch International as a top performer internationally, holding the position of First Vice President at age 27, and managing relationships for institutions and high net worth families in the region. He led the team which created the first structured commodity-linked transaction in the Middle East with Dubai Aluminium in 1994, securing a 5 year, USD 250 million syndicated loan which received Deal of the Year accolades from Euromoney and Institutional Investor magazines for its creativity and vision.

From 2000 until early 2003 he served as Senior Investment Officer and Head of the Asset Management Group for The Executive Office, based in Dubai. Naser oversaw the formation and launch of two successful joint venture funds, one with Deutsche Bank (Estithmaar Ventures) and the second with Citigroup (Estithmaar Islamic Real Estate Fund).

In 2003, he was requested to take on the role of initial Chief Executive Officer of the newly-announced Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Naser transformed DIFC from an idea into a recognized and respected brand in regional and global financial circles. Under his leadership, DIFC laid the groundwork for its future success by establishing the legal, regulatory and physical presence for the world's next significant financial hub.

In 2005 he founded Al Mal Capital, set to become one of the largest UAE-based investment company. [Almalcapital]


  1. Does anyone remember why Naser Nabulsi left the DIFC?

  2. ok shame that they just hand out passports like that.

    but then, how is he any worse than the iranian "locals" here? At least he's a successful business guy. I have to say though, he should stick to suits.

  3. Anonymous @ 8:50

    They didn't specify why, not that they usually do. It was probably because his contract ended and he didn't want to renew it because he wanted to open his own business, which he did later on.

  4. What is the criteria for granting citizenship anyway? Are there pre existing or defined rules/guidelines? Am just curious.

  5. Oh Amin, I guess this will be my new topic !

  6. You've got to be kidding me..the Before and the After picture, really? Can you not see how shallow this may come across? Man, you have a LOT to discover about the people who built that tiny nation, and continue to do so. Sorry, couldn't help comment more positively.

  7. The main point of the topic was how his outfit his changed after getting the citizenship. No one implied that others didn't participate in building the country.

  8. hes my dad.
    if you dont like him a suit then dont.
    hes happy with what he has done.