Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dubai Denies Al Fayed Claims

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Sources denied the allegations of Mohamed Al Fayed about his relationship with former Dubai ruler Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, and saying that he built the port of Dubai and Dubai Trade Center, and that he brought 6 billions of investments to the city at the end of the seventies. The sources pointed out that Al-Fayed visited Dubai in that period and deal with some of its constituents, but he left the field for reasons not to disclose them.

He says that thanx to him Rashid Port was built and oil was dug. He also says that he owns 20% of Dubai Trade Center. Elaph writer didn't provide any info about this source who denied what Al Fayed have said.


  1. Al fayed's relation with Dubai and Sheikh Rashid is heard of for many years, what is known is that his fortune was first built in Dubai, and that he was involved in many old projects including World Trade centre. Now does Dubai really denies this am not sure since your source is Elaph!!!!
    And why would it only be denied now when we know about it long ago?

    Do I beleive that he might have had a do in Dubai? yes I do, it makes sense, a man like him is capable of such work putting in mind that Dubai government was not much experienced in the past.
    Sheikh Rashed had it in his person to listen to reasonable suggestions no matter who had given it as long as it benefits Dubai.

    But Al fayed does seem to have lost some of his mind if any of what is written in Elaph is true!

    And with all of what he's doing it feels like he's dying anytime soon!

  2. Don't knock that man. He is pure genius, 100% Egyptian pullcottonwoolovertheeyes. That man also invented nuclear fusion, penicillin, the computer and adult nappies. By cleverly selling Harrods to the Qataris he is shouldering them with debt thereby surrepetitiously eliminating Dubai's next door competitor. A true friend of the UAE.