Saturday, June 26, 2010

First 'official' gurdwara in Dubai

Coming up at a cost of $20 million, the Guru Nanak Darbar at Jebel Ali, Dubai, will be the first official Sikh gurdwara in the entire Gulf, catering to religious needs of a 50,000-strong Sikh community. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, vice-president and prime minister of UAE and ruler of Dubai, who granted permission for building the gurdwara, has given 25,400 sq ft land free.

Whats left, a synagogue?


  1. Ok good. If it means more people being able to practice their faith wherever they are.

  2. This shouldn't have been allowed. Churches, fine, even a synagogue, fine, Judaism is a religion as seen by Islam, but this, this is a building for Godless heathens. These and Hindu temples should NOT be allowed in an islamic country.

    God allow the UAE to see it MANY MANY mistakes before it's too late.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me to read about Muslims echoing their grudge against Hindus/Hinduism. What gives you morons the right to judge any religion?

  4. and why do u categorize and label all of us as "morons"?

  5. 'Whats left, a synagogue?'

    You, because of your contempt-laced question

    And the other at 3:32 PM complaining to God about another religion.

    Learn to be tolerant instead of judging other religions that believe in the same God, as you.

  6. Its not a "grudge"

    Islamically, only Abrahamic religions are categorized as RELIGIONS. Anything else is a man made philosophy. Shinto, Hinduism, Buddhism... Not religions.

    We arent judging anyone. GOD DID THE JUDGING.

  7. 'We arent judging anyone. GOD DID THE JUDGING.'

    And you know this how, might I ask?

  8. PE: If everyone was muslim, who would you proselytize to?

    yeay dubai, good on you.

  9. I like how these supposed religious people think their opinion matters - if Dubai did not want this, it would not have come up.

    You think Sikhism is not a religion - your problem. It takes believers in that religion to believe. They don't need your permission or care what you think. Other religions are not asking for a certificate from you or what you think your book says.

    Tomorrow you may decide that only the shoes on your feet are real the rest of the world is unshod. It wouldn't mean their feet would burn - only that your eyes don't work, and your head is funny.

    One idea though - don't go to any place where there people who don't believe in your god or your book. Don't talk to people who you think are heathens. Soon, your only life would be on blogs - a few blogs where only people of a few "recognised faiths" can comment. Have fun!

  10. Oh my goodness! Sheikh Mohammed is such a brilliant person! As an Emirati, I appreciate his views. This is going to make the UAE a harmonious place where people can exercise their faiths. I applaud his good judgment!

    1. extremely appreciable & highest degree of noble character of the king to emulate by everyone on earth !

  11. Whats left, a synagogue?

    Church of Satan, Church of Scientology, Church of Diego Maradona (It exists) and Temple of the Jedai faith! (Not kidding)

    Could be much worse.

  12. UAE citizens are living in peace because they all follow the same religion. I speak of locals. We all see how different religious views have seperated and weakened countries.

    Islam allowed citizens from other religions to practise their beliefs under its protection since the days of Mohammed -peace be upon him-, in other words; what else is new?!

    Anyone with a religion can practise at home, nobody needs a masjid or a church to pray.
    As we muslims say: when you want to pray you will never miss it. We muslims need the masjid because for us prayers for men should be done as a group. its optional to pray in a group everyday of the week but obligatory on fridays. Masjids are also used for teaching religion, reading quran and many other things that mandates the need of a building that holds it all. I just wondered if that is true for hindus too...out of curiousity i mean since i see lots of them have this little semi-temple at their homes, is it a subsitute?

    Now does this gurdawara or temple or whatever it is called have to be built?
    Personally, the only thing I don't like about it is idea of having those statues they worship which I would hate to have in my country.
    In other words, Hindus should be graetful for what Sheikh Moahmmed did for them and I can see what made him agree on this.

    Now does it really need an arugment when it is already there on ground?
    it's done so no point of holding grudges against eachother.

    And for all of you who misinterpret Islam by their followers: look for proper sources.
    Not that we need to proove our religion for anyone; and am sure there is atleast one muslim in every country in the world.

    Lets make this discussion worth reading.

  13. FYI: To those opininated people making comments about something they know little about - Sikhism and Hinduism are different religions.

  14. Hinduisum and sikhism are poles apart....sikhism is a religion which says to its followers that one needs to respect all has never said that any 1 religion is better that any other religion...

  15. salutes to anonymous, God is One!

  16. tolerance of others would solves many problems in the world

  17. Some of these temples are dedicated to the Patron Goddess of the city while others have Ganesha or Krishna as their main deity.see more info