Thursday, July 15, 2010

Movie of the Week: Inception

One of the greatest of this year or maybe in years. I confirmed today that most of the ones who don't like such movies are dumb. They don't understand them, hence say that they are not worth watching. Simpletons, lol.


  1. ultrablue, myself, and another friend went to Marina Mall to see this... The theater was CLOSED because the AC was dead.

    We then went to dubai mall and the last 2 showings were full. We then went to Emirates mall and those were also full.

    We could check timings on our iphones but the damn cinestar site isnt working properly.

    In the end we just had diner at the new Al Marhabani place in Jumierah and ended up at Marina Mall at 2"50 to pick up our cars.

    So I already HATE this movie without even seeing it. Bad Karma. HATE IT. Dont ever want to see it after tonight!

  2. Perhaps the film is easier to admire than to fully grasp or be moved by it? So, here’s my question – do you see repeat value? Would you watch it a 2nd or a 3rd time and gain as much pleasure?

    I’m not a HUGE fan of Chris Nolan (he likes to play mind games, IMHO). My brother, however, would watch paint dry itself out if Nolan filmed it :)

    M loon: that reads like a script for the Egyptian Soap or the B'wood crap stuff.

  3. It was rather fun though! lol. Except when MM was in the back trying to sleep and I kept hitting him with a cane! All in good fun of course!

    I finally saw it lastnight with firefox... Too long. Thats it for me, if a movie is too long, I start to get antsy.

    And there wasnt a real ending. I hate movies that are open ended like that.

    Also, I feel that it was too simplistic. They dumbed down and simplified the human mind's dream state. Something that is so complex, therapists to this day dont KNOW what is what.

    And they kept saying DREAM WITHIN A DREAM! trying to be poetic. I wanted to murder Dicaprio.

  4. ok this movie's not that amaaazing P.E

    i enjoyed it, but it's hardly original. Been done before ( ghost in the shell/ matrix?)

    everyone was raving about how original this is. not so much. I really did enjoy Kill bill more.