Monday, July 12, 2010

Gas to Liter: What's behind the scene?

Ever wondered why they replaced the gallon with the liter as a unit of fuel?According to the director general of the Emirates Authority of Standardization and Meteorology, the reason behind is to consolidate the units of measurement with the world and reduce any possible margin of error.

[Gulf News]

Am I the only one who think otherwise?

The real reason behind changing the unit is purely so that the fuel increase doesn't look high. So by 20 Fils per liter is equal to 20 by 3.7 which equals to about 0.75 per gallon. So for the unfortunate ones who own an SUV like me, filling a car will be a pain in the @%#23.

and welcome to new hikes in the next few months !

[RANT]and then they say that we are in a united country, when the real reason behind the increase is because Dubai don't want to support the fuel of its companies ENOC and EPPCO and Abu Dhabi don't want to sell reduced fuel price to those companies.

So, shouldn't companies who lose in the market simply withdraw. Why can't we simply have ADNOC in Dubai. EMARAT, EPPCO and ENOC should declare bankruptcy or something.[/RANT]



    I've been saying this since the 1st hike.

  2. IMO, don't think it's a big deal, as long as they put the extra fuloos to build / maintain the roads, highways and public transport systems. I just hope it's not to make the rich, richer.

    My brother and I were comparing gas prices in NY and SHJ / DXB. This week, a gallon of gas costs Dhs 13 in NY. It could spike to Dhs 15 per gallon. And that's on top of all the taxes, surcharges, tolls, first borns the government rakes in.

    Wouldn't having just ADNOC create a more riskier monopoloy? I'm not sure, hence the Q.

  3. No it wouldn't

    We are an oil producer with confirmed reserves of 94 billion barrels. The government should do their job for once. We suffered in the boom and now we should suffer in the crisis?