Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Development of Hypocrisy: Episode 3

Couldn't resist posting this one, its a continuation of my previous post.

The current trend seems like its going from this

TO THIS (project planned for Emirati housing)


  1. Like I've said before, Concentration camps.

  2. There aren't many lands as they used to be, so this doesn't come off as a big shock.

  3. The country is a desert, there are as many plots of land as you want to create.

    Also, if land is the issue, why not give us, the CITIZENS the lands they are turning into highrise apartments for John and Kumar to "buy"

    PE is 100% right on this.

  4. The top house is one you ASPIRE to. You work hard, learn and develop yourself, create abundance, contribute to society and a beautiful house like that is your reward.

    If you are simply handed a house like that on a plate what is there to strive for? You just create a nation of uneducated beggars with an entitlement attitude.

  5. Exactly ultra[blue]

    Sara, this is one of the myths officials are trying to propagate in the country and unfortunately people are buying it. There has never been a problem with the number of lands now or before. Dubai and the UAE is over 80% DESERT.

    Check the picture and tell me if u still believe that we don't have many lands.

  6. Susan, I partially agree. There are some who wait all their lives waiting for the government to build them a house, they would never pay a penny for that. They will whine on how the government doesn't help them until they do. After 20-30 years those same people would whine about the government not maintaining their houses, again, they never paid a penny maintaining their houses. We have those and we don't support them.

  7. It's not just plain land / desert. It's about land that is habitable. A lot, and I mean a LOT of time & effort, planning and investment etc, is required to make the desert areas habitable. You can't just pick a piece of land, build a house and have running water, power, roads, a community what have you.

    "highrise apartments for John and Kumar to "buy"

    ub - yes, that is correct. Despite the uncertainties, the risks and ever changing property ownership laws in the UAE - these folks buy homes with their hard earned monies. Why can't many of you do the same or better? In SHJ besides citizens and GCC citizens, nobody can legally own property. So WHO owns the thousands of homes, high rise apartments, office buildings etc? I’d think primarily it is UAE citizens.

  8. Rosh, bringing the obvious again? They say rarity of land which is a lie. It was never about what u r implying.

    And yes, they are owned by UAE citizens but that doesn't equal to "every Emirati have an access to a suitable decent housing". What did the government do when the construction cost went from 150 Dirhams sqft to 600 Dirhams sqft when it was the sole cause for the inflated cost? nothing ! This is what we are talking about.

    I consider myself one of the fortunate ones and yet, I would never be able to build a villa on my own.

    Now, if we are going to compromise, we'd be able to buy a small one bedroom apartment and eventually in 15-20 we would be able to have own own villa, but why should we go to this level?

    We should never accept that. We know that the government can do something about it and we know that they are wasting our money on stuff that doesn't benefit the Emirati public so we deserve to have it more.

  9. I follow you better now. Some of this is not 'obvious' to me or many expat folk.

    I agree / understand, every citizen does not have access to affordable / decent housing.

    "What did the government do when the construction cost went from 150 Dirhams sqft to 600 Dirhams"

    I think the government, the elite citizens / expats / those in power, took advantage and made themselves richer. Raw capitalistic greed.

  10. What you see from buildings and villas owned by "locals" as you assume is only owned by a small number of them. We have a rule to make the rich richer, the richer -nauseously- even more richer, giving them large lands and buildings for free -as if they need it-all the while implementing more strict rules on the middle class citizens with regards to building their houses. Like waiting on a long list that takes years until you get a loan then wait for the land and as soon as you get it you gotta start building your house whithin a year of that or else it's taken from you and you gotta apply all over again..and you gotta build a house that would cost you 2 millions or more -nothing fancy only midclass standards- where you get to pay triple the amount for profits of the bank you got another loan from.

    So yeah.. whenI am a local who lives in a country that has a total population that doesn't reach 5 millions with less than 10% of it being locals..I expect my country to make my life a bit easier..especially since not all of us locals are whiners who are good-for- nothing complainers..some -in fact many-of us work hard for the developement of our country.

  11. Rosh, There are STRICT laws even for Emiratis as to what land can be bought.

    Remember, when a foreigner buys a property the are actually LEASING the HOUSE for a set number of years, usually 99, the LAND is not theirs.

    For an Emirati, land cant be sold to us and put in our names if it was GIVEN by the govt to someone else. In Abu Dhabi the only land I could buy is a plot where the original owner who received it from the govt DIED and his heirs want to sell it to each have his own cut instead of keep it.

    And as you know, selling a piece of land in AD is INSANE, so my prospects of ever being able to BUY a piece of land are LESS than waiting for a piece for 20 years.

    That said, about 5 years ago when lands WERE able to be sold for about a year, my family DID buy a few pieces, and they are all built and being rented. But not everyone was as lucky to find a deal in that small window (The law was put into place again because people were being less than smart with their lands)

    So lets assume in today's market you find a piece where the owner has died and it is up for sale, the land it's self, (200 by 200, which is a standard plot) will go for about 8 MILLION AED. JUST the land.

    So, even IF you were to find these very scarce plots that can be sold, you will probably not be able to afford it.

    For your question on who owns most of the homes and high rise buildings Rosh... Probably the same 15 or so families, and you know their names, they run the country.

    Although we are much better off than say, Iraq, a lack of transparency and accountability = those who can do whatever they want. There is no real SYSTEM for land distribution, there is oh, the big boss likes these families, so they get 1st dibs. There are people on these lists for 30 years without land, and there are those who apply and have a piece in 4 months.

    And I shouldnt complain, But this is ABOVE mere personal gains. This is about what is and isnt a right, and all citizens being treated equally. And that is just not happening.

    The late Sh. Zayed treated this matter as a CITIZEN'S RIGHT, and so no one should be surprised that people want their rights. If our new leaders disagree with Sh. Zayed's thoughts, they should tell us khalas, this isnt a right anymore, look elsewhere.

  12. UB, thanks for all that background 101. Things make much better sense now. I had no idea on the STRICT laws on land purchase or AD land cost an average Dhs 8 Million, give or take.

  13. People assume alot, and although I may be "hot headed" at times, I am very willing to sit down and explain just as I like hearing things I dont know get explained to me.

  14. Yes, I see that :)

    "There is no real SYSTEM for land distribution, there is oh, the big boss likes these families, so they get 1st dibs"

    Anything being talked / worked about to change such ways? Grossly unfair.


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